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Gary  Acker

With 47 years in the financial services industry, Gary is proud to boast that he’s been with MassMutual the entire time. As a returning Vietnam Vet, explains Gary, “I tried the industry, liked it and stayed.” Fourty-seven years later, he’s never looked back.

“I’ve always treated every client or account the same, regardless of the size,” offers Gary. “Every client is important and that’s been the foundation of my philosophy in business since day one.” Gary is quick to point out that with experience in the business comes wisdom—wisdom gleaned from thousands of unique transactions and unique clients. “My staff and I know how to handle whatever comes our way.” Over the last three decades, Gary has developed his “situational assessment skills” in understanding the intrinsic needs, wants and desires of each client. “I have always been good at reading between the lines.”

Gary’s client base is truly broad based. The one common denominator is honesty, integrity and mutual intent. He works as enthusiastically with high net worth clients as middle-income customers who are pre- retirement or are contemplating seriously their future retirement, investment or insurance needs. “I’ve always felt that one of my key drivers was my ‘determination to do things right’ and then follow through.”

Today, Gary is proud to spend his time overseeing his team consisting of Kathy Paulino and Amy Mayo. Working as a team, they provide responsive service to thousands of accounts. In addition, he believes strongly in paying forward the benefits he’s enjoyed in building his business. He mentors up-and-coming agents to help them get going. “I love this business and helping people; helping young agents get their start is important to me.”

Personal and Professional Affiliations

His recent-past outside activities have included serving on Brighton Little League board of directors and on Citizens Advisory Board for Recreation in the Town of Brighton. Professionally, he is a member of Rochester Area Financial Advisors. In addition, Gary is working with Strong Memorial Hospital on a project to provide place of residence for family members of organ transplant patients.

Gary and his wife, Linda, have four grown children and live in Brighton.